The measures program is active in the area of native vegetation.

The measures program has been working with the native vegetation community to pilot native vegetation measures since 2015. The program has established two native vegetation working groups: (1) for the development of native vegetation measures; and (2) for the development of a national information model & data exchange protocol for vegetation site data. Represented on these working groups are:

  • all states, except the ACT
  • Australian Government agencies, including the Department of the Environment and Energy, ABARES and Geoscience Australia
  • the research sector, including the Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network, the Atlas of Living Australia, and CSIRO

The working group for development of native vegetation measures has agreed on seven candidate native vegetation measures representing common data needs across a wide range of native vegetation analysis and reporting. These measures are vegetation cover, ground cover, height, biomass, species composition, species abundance and species dominance. These measures will be open for public consultation later in 2017. If you are interested in taking part in the consultation process, please keep an eye on the Measures for consultation page.

See the native vegetation data working group page for more information on the activities of that group.

Image at top of page: Mt Beauty and Mt Bogong, Victoria. Photo by Scott Leggo.