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Native vegetation data working group

The native vegetation data working group aims to develop a national information model & data exchange protocol for vegetation site data. In doing this, the group will seek to identify common vegetation site data properties across jurisdictions and organisations, define the relationships between those properties, and create common vocabularies for similar concepts.

This work is essential to enable easy exchange of vegetation site data between parties, and integration of vegetation site data into national datasets. This will improve discovery, access and reuse of data under native vegetation measures, and enable easy uptake of datasets published via web services.

In 2017 financial year the Working Group has been working on delivering a proof of concept project focused on vegetation height – one of the candidate measures identified above. 

As a proof of concept the group aims to deliver NSW, Qld and SA height data using web services and a common data exchange protocol, through the TERN AEKOS data portal. The data exchange protocol will be publicly available, and data custodians will be able to choose in the future whether they wish to deliver data via TERN AEKOS, or directly using their own web services.

This work began in 2016 when a project team from CSIRO was engaged from develop a prototype information model for vegetation site data in close consultation with the working group. The prototype information model, and CSIRO’s final project report, can be accessed from CSIRO’s website:


Top image: Eucalypts at Namadgi National Park, ACT. Photo by Fran Daniels.